30 Modern Preparatory Etudes and Solos for French Horn

These new etudes and solos, composed in a modern style, bridge a gap in the horn etude literature and function as a concise, modern version of the classic Schantl/Pottag book of Preparatory Melodies. The 26 short etudes focus primarily on technical issues, but the goals overall are accuracy and preparing students for performance of more difficult 20th-century etudes and works of a similar character which present a variety of challenges. The book concludes with a set of four new works that review the melodic materials of the etudes, formatted as solo horn works suitable for jury or studio class performance.
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35 Melodic Etudes, in three versions (Standard, Low, and High), by Joseph Meifred and Josef Schantl, second edition

These 35 melodic etudes have been “rescued” from the method books of two important 19th-century horn teachers, Joseph Meifred (1791-1867) and Josef Schantl (1842-1902). These short, intermediate level etudes are available in an updated second edition in Kindle and print versions, at three different pitch levels. In the Standard French Horn Version the etudes are presented as originally published, in order by key, and with only light editing. The High French Horn Version increases the difficulty level by transposing these etudes to higher keys, targeting the highest notes of the horn. The Low French Horn version transposes these etudes to lower keys, targeting the lowest notes of the low horn.
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The French Horn Warmup Collection

The topic of warming up needs little introduction; hornists who wish to excel should plan to warm up every time they get the horn out of the case to play. This practical and effective collection brings together the warmup materials and technical exercises presented in four recent publications — Introducing the Horn, A Mello Catechism, The Low Horn Boot Camp, and Playing Descant and Triple Horns — with additional exercises designed for the improvement of breathing and intonation.
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Horn Scales and Technique Exercises, second edition

A practical collection of inventive scale and arpeggio exercises to develop technique and intonation, carefully selected from the classic horn method books of Gallay, Gumpert, Kling, and Meifred. This collection contains four to six exercises in every major and minor key with varied patterns and articulations, followed by a concluding section of intonation duets based on scales for teacher and student to play together. Suited for intermediate to advanced horn students and amateurs, this collection will help in forming a foundation of great technique.
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The Low Horn Boot Camp, second edition

A volume of effective materials for initial low horn study, this expanded second edition includes text on a variety of topics related to low range development and a special edition of the classic Bordogni vocalises. This version is based on a 19th century vocal edition by Ferdinand Gumbert, presented in low treble clef and low bass clef. The low bass clef version is a fourth lower than that widely used on the trombone, with the low treble clef version providing a logical stepping stone toward developing the lowest range of the horn.
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